Collaborating with its partners in Turkey as well as with international institutions and companies, Yiğit Investment has an innovative and dynamic corporate identity that LEADS TOMORROW, not following the day, with its innovative staff using the latest technology in all business lines. As an investment advisory activity, we, the intended long and short term investment objectives, risk preferences, cash requirements


The competitive environment brought by the new world order has mobilized companies that want to make a breakthrough in this field. The need for research and experimental development has made it important once again. It is the most effective solution to make a difference by pushing the limits of the human mind. Creativity, the pursuit of innovations and the extensible nature of knowledge can only be productive when handled with systematic and rational methods.


The tendency of people to move away from their essence in their own reality and integrate with the society with a more concrete approach is one of the most effective ways to place social responsibility awareness in society. Today, with the green policy becoming an important mission, social sensitivity has come to the fore. Sometimes, economic reasons create an obstacle to corporate social responsibility.

Yiğit Holding

It was established as a group of activities operating in different areas of the Turkish economy, offering innovative and solution-oriented projects in the manufacturing and service sectors.

Yiğit Holding set out to bring together one of us, a small village, a sea, a city, all the sounds and colors that make Turkey, and gradually the universal cultural mound, meet with everyone it can reach. Sometimes between the pages of a book, sometimes in the magical universe of music, in a movie frame, in the sea, in the air, on a canvas or on an imaginary journey that you will take by listening to stories and novels read on CDs… Culture with a sociological definition; “It is the sum of all material and spiritual assets that man has added to nature.”… Culture, which is a Latin word, means “to make the soil ready for agriculture”. Over time, the definition of “cultivating the land” gained a new meaning as “cultivating people and eventually society”.

If you feel yourself having a mission towards this goal, discovering the richness of underwater life and tackling marine pollution will become a part of your life. In the pursuit of the clean technology of tomorrow, you add your aviation to your maritime business. Sometimes you immortalize what you see along the way in a photograph, and sometimes you investigate the mysteries of nature or history in a documentary film. And that’s not enough, you use media tools and open television channels to share all your savings with millions. You introduce your country to countries and build bridges between people. Yiğit Investment develops new projects in all these cultural fields where its expertise is needed, and carries out international collaborations with different institutions and organizations from all over the world. It operates in many areas from maritime to aviation, from defense to space industry, from film production to television broadcasting, underwater research and brand, lobby and reputation consultancy on the basis of cities and countries.

We have ties of heart and partnership with all institutions and organizations that value, give effort and support to culture, art, nature and people. Each project we realize separately is a building block that nourishes and enlarges our cultural mound. We sincerely wish to undertake joint projects in the future and to move forward together towards the better. As a matter of fact, we started to see examples of this cooperation as we implemented many projects. This imece adds a thousand to one strength to our dreams and hopes. We are confident that it will grow stronger. We believe that in times of increased economic or social problems, our social responsibility mission grows as much as the importance of our professional work in the field of culture and art. For this reason, our faithful efforts, which are concerned about the future and aim to change it, will continue.

At the end of the fairy tales, “three apples” fall from the sky, but instead of waiting for this imaginary gift, we wish to experience the honorable joy of sharing the fruits of the apple tree we planted with our common minds. Master Sait Faik says, “Beauty will save the world”… And since we believed it wholeheartedly, now is the time to write our common wish in our logbook.

Serkan Yigit

Chairman of the Board of Yigit Holding


We live in an age of competing ideas. However, in business life, any idea that is not supported with the right feasibility and sufficient investment will not have a high chance of success. Meeting the right idea with the right investment channel is too vital to be left to chance. Yiğit Holding has created the investment department in order to give the opportunity to apply the ideas produced both within and outside the Holding. The investment division, established to support new and creative ideas, operates in the following areas. Apart from determining its own investment strategy, it works with the aim of finding investors for international projects. One of the main fields of activity of Yiğit Investment is “Tourism”, “media” and “industry”.



The technical development in mass media and the diversity in advertising channels have increased the power of the media, especially in the last 20 years. As a result of the changing competitive conditions between the productions, the importance of creative ideas and promotional strategies as well as technical competence has increased, and the era we live in has become defined with the concept of “Communication Age”. Radio and television broadcasting has gained a strong rival with the “Internet” technologies, and the advertising and public relations sector has become more and more in need of ideas that push the boundaries in the globalizing world. Yigit Investment, with its strong performance in ideas and strategies, started its media activities and started production in the following fields of activity in a short time. “As the media, we operate in the air, on land and at sea”



The space industry started with the development of rocket technology and the launch of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik-I, at the beginning of the 20th century, and turned into an international race with missile and satellite technologies developed to meet the increasing intelligence and communication needs of countries. Yigit Investment, with its international cooperation network in the field of space technology, has undertaken the entrepreneurship of an ambitious industrial group.
Yiğit Investment, which set out to be among the important players of the sector, carries out many activities in the field of defense industry.



The creation of permanent preferences for the tourism potential of countries is mandatory for every destination that considers the tourism economy as a favorite element of national income. Within the sweet competition in the tourism sector, the growth of slices in the sharing cake valid for all destinations in the world is attributed to a healthy target audience analysis, strategic planning based on this analysis, and ultimately to the whole of products and promotional materials suitable for the purpose.



Yigit Investment Service and Entertainment Groups, on the one hand, provides consultancy, research, training and social responsibility services to all company constructions, and on the other hand, meets the needs of all relevant sectors outside our company.



Defining its social responsibility mission with this awareness, Yiğit Investment carries out joint projects in different fields, in addition to the projects it has implemented within its own body, especially underwater projects. Yiğit Yatırım’s social responsibility activities, branded under the name “Bamboo”, are designed in the specified fields of activity and shared with the public.



You can review some of the projects we have carried out and are still running.


As Yiğit Holding, the comments of the companies and people we do business with are important to us. The work we have done so far is the guarantee of the work we will do in the future.

Elif S.


2021 / Mayıs / 25

On this path that I started as a content producer, I managed professionally with the studios established by the Creeators company. With the trainings I received, I got lost in the world where I developed myself day by day.

Elif S.

Smith & Sons

Berke G.

Noel Baba

2021 / Temmuz / 17

All over the world in St. The notorious Santa Claus, known as Nicolas, is misrepresented in popular culture. Yiğit Group company continues its documentary and book studies non-stop in order to bring the truth to light from Demre.

Berke G.

Smith & Sons


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